10 Tips for More Successful Decorating

1. Collect photographs of rooms that appeal to you from magazines. Look at the pictures to determine what is similar about them – is it the colors, styles or types of furnishing that attract you each time? This will help you to draw conclusion about what styles are right for you.
2. Collect samples of carpet pieces, paint charts and fabric scraps. Place them in small picture album that can be carried around easily and used to match colors when shopping for other items.
3. Use suitable wall coverings or paints. Choose light colors and small prints for smaller rooms and larger prints or darker backgrounds for bigger rooms. Use one dark color for a wall that gets plenty of natural light, and paint the other walls in lighter color. Painting all four walls the same colors makes a room seem smaller.
4. Don’t buy on impulsive, or you may end up with items that won’t go with the rest of your decor. Make a plan for your whole home before buying anything. Include your budget and deadline for completion.
5. Decorate to suit lifestyle. If you move frequently, choose neutral furnishing and accessories that can go with any decor.
6. Have a focal point. Decorate to accentuate Garage Door Styles it and give your room a sense of cohesion.
7. Do not decorate. This adds clutter and makes the room seem smaller. No one will appreciate beautiful objects if there Complete Roof Replacement are too many to look at. Store most things and change vase, sculpture or painting from time to time for new look.
8. Hang pictures at eye level or slightly above. Display accessories in odd-numbered groups. This can be more interesting than arranging everything symmetrically.
9. Use stick-on decorative borders around doors or windows to break up a plain wall. They are especially cheerful in plain white-tiled bathrooms. You can even buy stencils to create your own designs.
10. Have fun decorating! Let the whole family share the task so everyone feels involved. Put on good music to get you in the mood. Stop regularly to rest and check your progress.

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