10 Tools Your Kitchen Needs

If you want to be a high powered cooking machine, you need more than a few pots and pans. This article will help you decide on the new kitchen appliances you need to keep your kitchen running in tip top shape.
1. Blender: A very diverse tool in the kitchen, the blender can be used for anything from smoothies to purees. Comparable to a discount Cuisinart food processor, a good blender will grind and chop food in liberating ways. You can begin making your own hummus by blending chickpeas, guacamole from fresh avocadoes, and a range of soups, from lentil to split pea, along with a variety of sauces.
2. Rice maker: If you’ve ever made rice, then you are well familiar with the experience of running to the stove to turn the heat down, as the rice water bubbles and boils out of control, spilling all down the sides of your pot, getting all over the stove, and ensuring a thorough cleanup after dinner. Avoid the mess with a rice cooker.
3. Griddle: A griddle is perfect for frying, whether it’s eggs, fish, or pancakes. The no stick surface will give back days of your life that you otherwise would have spent scrubbing the crud and grease off of that old frying pan.
4. Cheese Knife: An underrated tool that frequently gets used once you have it. Blocks of cheese for appetizers or hunks of queso for food prep are easily sliced without any annoying sticking to the blade. A cheese slicer also works well.
5. Coffee Maker: Because brewing one cup at a time just isn’t practical. And with the latest brewers, you don’t sacrifice flavor for time.
6. Cutting Board: A quality cutting board is an investment that you will have for years. Without one, you run the risk of cutting off your fingers and have vegetables that are too chunky.
7. Garlic Press: If you like garlic, this tool is a must have. Dicing and crushing garlic is time consuming and messy. Bypass the mess to add this healthy and flavorful ingredient to all of your meals.
8. Toaster Oven: This tool takes the place of a toaster and is much more practical. You can use it to reheat leftovers, warm sandwiches, and microwave dinners. It’s like an oven, a toaster, and a microwave had a m?�nage a trois and this little baby was the result.
9. Coasters: Using a paper towel under your glass is wasteful, and ugly rings on wood are a big Bedroom Layout Feng Shui no-no. Invest in some coasters and spread them around the kitchen, and the rest of the house.
10. Barware: If you ever drink liquor, having the proper tools can make a big difference, both in the preparation of the drink, and the final outcome. There you have it. These Very Small Garden Ideas 10 items are must haves for any successful 21st century kitchen. If you have one or two, then you probably know what I mean. Just imagine all of them at your disposal!

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