10 Ways to Increase The Value of Your Home

Your house may have been worth the world to you, but to the casual onlooker what they see at a glance determines what value they’ll put on it. In a world of fast gratification, people want to be able to walk into a house knowing that there’s nothing to be fixed or updated. This leaves you to pick up the broom and paintbrush and get to work. Increasing house value is a science, and there are reliable options for adding value to your home.A�
Here’s 10 ways to increase the property of your house.
1.A�Garden and kerb.A�When potential buyers pull up to your house, this is the first thing they’ll see. The real need is “neat and tidy”.A� so if you simply clean it up, remove the weeds, and keep it orderly, it’s not a major job.A�
2.A�Your house.A�The outside of your house will need to be tidy and in good order. This means painting where necessary, fixing any blemishes on the exterior, and dealing with guttering and external fittings to make sure they’re in good condition.A�
3.A�Kitchen.A�A major selling point nowadays. If your kitchen has had its run, it may be wise to update it. Kitchen floors may also need an upgrade, because the kitchen is a high maintenance area.A�
4.A�Bathroom.A�Similarly, if a bathroom has a touch of luxury, this is a huge selling point. Remove old fittings, clean tiles, replace anything which is obviously past its prime. Repainting and reconditioning the bathroom surfaces may also be a good idea in older homes.A�A�A�
5.A�Bedroom.A�Make a show of your main bedroom (or all the bedrooms). These are personal living spaces.A� They should look good and inviting. Imagine what you’d want to see in these areas.A�
6.A�Space and light.A�Decluttering your house will help potential buyers visualise themselves living there a lot easier. The less space used up by furniture and the fewer “busy” areas, the better. The extra space created allows people to get a better idea of the real dimensions of the home.A�
7.A�Remove yourself.A�People may feel like they’re intruding if they see your personal items and pictures. The visual effect is an actual barrier to seeing the house as their place, not yours.A�
8.A�Pets.A�Pets are another facet of “your place, not theirs”. They look like they own the place, and some pets aren’t exactly diplomatic with strangers. Make sure to remove kitty litter, smells, etc.
9.A�Lights.A�Replace any lights that are not using their maximum wattage. Use energy saver bulbs. 12w or higher will provide best lighting and have no effect on the power bill.A�
10.A�Add freshness.A�Hang up fresh curtains, towels and anything else Home Design Exterior to give it that ‘new’ feeling. Get rid of anything substandard.A�
Note: Your futureA�home and contents insuranceA�needs should be reviewed while you’re in the process Ashley Furniture Storage of selling. It’s a good idea to have a quote to use as a benchmark to cover this situation.

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