6 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Home

An organized house is a beautiful house. You can have the most expensive rugs and top of the line furniture but if your home is cluttered and disorganized it will not be a pleasure to live in and share with guests.
The idea of tackling your whole house can be overwhelming so start with a few projects that can be easily completed in one session.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
1. Start a folder for restaurant coupons and menus. Make it a habit to pick up a take out menu when you visit your favorite eatery. It will make decision making easy for the entire family the next time you want to order a meal. In this same folder (I like Cheap Ideas For Garden the ones with pockets) collect all the coupons that come in the mail, paper, etc. You will have lots of money saving options at your fingertips when you want to eat out. Just remember to go through them on a regular basis and throw out the expired ones.
2. Use the upper space in your garage or workroom to store large items such as ladders and bikes. It creates needed floor space but the items are easily reached when needed. Secure the wall brackets on to the wall studs to insure they will hold heavy items.
3. Give your linen closet a new look. Is it set up in the best way possible? Think through putting the least used or bulkiest items on the top shelves and what you reach for the most in the middle. Bottom shelves are great for toilet paper, light bulbs and other bulk purchases you need to store. Empty the closet, throwing away unwanted and worn out items. Clean the shelves and dress them up with new lining paper. Now start to place everything back in the closet in categories. Toiletries and the first aid kit should be on the shelf that is eye level. Freshly folded sheets and pillow cases are stored within easy reach. Keep on until everything is in place. The main goal is to make it work for your needs.
4. Got 30? There are so many things that can be accomplished in 30 minutes ( or less!). Tackle a drawer of socks. Make sure they are all matched up and in good condition. Keep the odd socks in your laundry area. If you do not find the match in two weeks House Interior Design Plans throw the sock out. Chances are the partner flew the coop long ago. Next time you have 30 minutes go for the underwear drawer. Keep working through all the categories like this and you will have lots more room for storing things before you know it.
5. Books and magazines are often the culprit in cluttering a room. Find a place to put a book case to hold all your literary treasures. It can be in a hallway or under a staircase. If you can access your attic easily you can fill a section of it with bookcases or shelves to store lots of books and magazines. They will be easy to get to when needed but will not be using needed space in your home.
6. Grab a bag or box and go through your house looking for 5 things you can donate to your locale charity thrift store. It can be something like the hand lotion you received as a gift and never opened. The bread maker that seemed like a great purchase but has rarely been used would also make a good donation. Everything that goes in your box and out the door frees up space in your home and helps out a good cause. Make this a game you and your family play often at your house because everybody wins.
These ideas should help you in your goal of having a well organized home. I wish you delightful de-cluttering!

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