6 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Bring Peace Into Your Home

Feng Shui can be used to turn your home into a beautiful work of art as well as a sanctuary that people will feel as they enter your home.
1. Try handing some chimes (wind chimes) in the entry of your home. I would suggest looking for some of the smaller thin/petite sounding chimes. Bigger chimes tend to sound annoying after a while and they just don’t have the same affect as the smaller ones.
2. Plants, place a decent amount of plants in your home (ones that coordinate). Stay away from the fake Ultra Modern Bedroom Designs ones as they don’t provide oxygen to breath plus it really just takes away from the overall goal
3. Red paintings this always looks great not to mention the color red symbolizes prosperity and is a welcoming color.
4. Bamboo screen dividers (if you can afford them) I know some can be pretty pricey ranging in the $300’s but, there are some really fancy but simple dividers that run no more than $100-$130 and they are durable.
5. Find a nice Buda statue and place it in your home try to avoid corners or really high places. If you have children then you might not have much of a choice. We all know kids like to explore and get into everything.
6. Wall d?�cor, I’ve found fans to really bring the feel home especially if you can find ones that go along with your theme of color. Remember keep colors as simple as possible. I tend to stick with these simple colors; black, tan, red and light browns. You can’t go wrong with those colors.
I forgot to mention asian lamps! This also Mid Century Modern House Plans have a great impact on your feng shui.

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