A Little Something More

I’ve been typing at home for 18 years and I love it. I must admit, sometimes it is so challenging only because people can be extremely difficult to please when it comes to giving them a price. I do believe that I am always fair in pricing; not only am I more than fair, but I do superior work because that is who I am. I get great joy and deep pleasure in producing the most excellent documents that I am capable of producing. It makes my clients happy and it allows for smooth sailing of my home based secretarial business. My customer retention is high and that’s what makes me prosperous.
When I began typing years ago, I perfected it at an early age which has allowed me to do what I do at this very moment and season in my life. My typing Hardest Vegetables To Grow skills have led me on a path that has taught me a lot of things which have helped me to discover a talent that I never knew existed; the art of design.
I have taken on a whole new level of typing which now includes creating and designing some very unique and awesome pieces of artwork that are truly helping me to earn a whole new level of income. For me, the income is nice, but the art of gift-giving is so much sweeter. I am elated and thrilled to know that my clients adore what I do and as I continue to create majestic pieces of work, my passion continues to grow more and more if that is, at all, possible.
My dream of opening and operating my own home based business has come to pass and I have come to know and understand through sound wisdom Cleaning House Checklist that working diligently and intelligently, success can be tasted and lived by being dedicated and committed to hard work; I just love it.
I have decided that if I am to continue on this amazing path that has been carved out for my life by way of my talents, gifts, skills and abilities, I am going to make sure that I use my God-given tools not just for my life, but for those I know and those I have yet to meet.

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