Add Character To Any Room With Venetian Wall Masks

Masks have been a part of Venice’s culture and history since the very beginning. They play major roles in theatre, art, and of course Carnevale, and have been a main outlet of the residents’ artistic expression for centuries. Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration In fact, residents of Venice were at one time so suppressed that the only way they could express themselves was through crafting their very own masks. Today, Venetian wall masks are mainly used for home decor.
The most popular wall masks around today are the smiling and frowning duo which represent comedy and tragedy in the theatre, though there are more and more modern styles being made every day. While these masks were once made to be worn, they now come in all shapes and sizes for use as decor. Most souvenir shops in Venice carry a wide range of wall masks for the constant stream of tourists.
The range of colours, textures, styles, patterns, and materials used to create Venetian masks varies greatly. The most common masks are made of clay, paper mache, ceramic, or a combination of the three and are generally made using molds. The molds are usually hand made and details usually hand painted, two major reasons why Venetian masks can be so charming.
Masks can be used to decorate any room in the home. For example, one or two masks in the foyer can be lovely welcoming pieces whereas jester and theatrical masks are delightful additions to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Some masks are so elaborately decorated with headdresses made of fans and feathers that they can be used as the primary focus of a room’s decor.
Venetian wall masks also make fantastic gifts. Each mask is so unique and full of character Northwest Regional Style that one can use them to express their own personality in an elegant and classy way.

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