Add The Beauty Of Beach Decor To Your Home

Choosing to decorate either your whole home or one room with beach decor can be a very uplifting experience. This does not mean you are restricted to hanging kitsch rope nets with dusty orange buoys from your ceilings and have a rusty anchor as a standard lamp. Rekindling the feelings and atmosphere of sitting on the beach, cocktail in hand, warm breezes blowing while you dig your toes into the warm white sand is easy enough with a few good decorating manuevers.
The size of the area you wish to convert to seaside living is not important. Whether it’s your entire home or just one bathroom, the possibilities are practically endless. Your Twin Bed In Small Room seaside colors range from blues and greens all the way over to the coral pinks and sand tones. Keeping the style casual and clean and borrowing from nature is the key.
The first step in changing the style of your home would be to remove all the excess chaos and disorder that may be in the house. The nautical look is clear and easy, keeping it all serene and relaxed. The calmness that you will be gaining by freeing up the spaces and bringing in the colors of nature will bring the whole oceanic theme together.
Beach decor is varied. You could just as easily find sailboats and lighthouses to fascinate a young boy, as you could earth toned sand dollars to outfit your main bedroom, or coral pinks for your teenaged daughter’s bedroom. You have the option to install whimsical shabby chic artwork in your living areas or keep it more sophisticated with stylishly framed black and white prints of waterfront scenes.
Children’s bedrooms can be kept playful and fun, using the bright reds, blues and whites that are so typically nautical. Using yachts and sail boats, ropes and anchors, any little boy will be delighted Flower Gardening For Beginners to sleep amongst the treasures that the sea holds. The feminine charms of mermaids will enchant and thrill little girls. The wonderful imaginary world under the sea will keep her busy for hours.
Furniture need not be constructed from rough planks of wood. Comfort, serenity and casual is the key. Soft, comfortable fabrics in clean colors such as soft sage, pale blues or whites will do the trick. There should be plenty of cushions with a fun motif of a sea horse or a starfish to ensure the utmost relaxation. A sea grass rug will lend the slightest tone of ruggedness, while stark black framed monochromatic prints on the walls will lend sophistication.
The family bathroom is a room where you can have fun with your decorating. If you feel brave enough, you can invite input from the whole family, making it a project and a fun experience for all. Instead of restricting yourself to the traditional blues on the walls, consider trying the green palette. Add in some clean white with your porcelain ware and let you imagination run wild.

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