Add to Home Decor With Glass

With a little creativity, sandblasted, etched, and stained glass can add flare to you décor and distinction to your home. Designed glass gives homeowners an affordable way to instill personality into any room of the house. 


Sandblasting and etching allow artists to transfer virtually any design – from geometrics to elaborate landscapes – onto glass. These designs can add to just about any decorating theme, from Victorian to contemporary. 

Stained glass is usually associated with more classic styles. Turn-of-the-century pieces can be replicated to add color to a room with wood paneling, or give accent to a kitchen with that “country” look. 


By laminating 2 pieces of stained glass, you can change the coloring, and you have the option of inserting items between the laminations – like flowers or leaves. It would be relatively easy to create seasonal pieces using this method.   Frank Lloyd Wright liked to use geometric stained glass in abstract patterns. 


Here are a few ideas about how you can incorporate designed glass into your décor, but the variations are limitless.

A free-standing glass screen Very Small House Decorating Ideas in front of a fireplace.

An inset wall panel with back lighting for dramatic illumination.

Glass panels over a low wall.

Panels in front of windows to give color to the incoming sunlight.

Transoms above doors .

Dividing panels between vanity and shower areas in a bathroom.

A free-standing screen acting as a partition between living and dining areas.

Designed glass will give your décor a lot of bang for your Small Garden Ideas On A Budget buck. Keep it in mind next time you decorate. 

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