An Introduction to Rustic Decor

Rustic decor refers to the type of furnishings made up of mainly roughly finished wood. It is considered a traditional or formal type of design. Sometimes it is known as country furnishings. Rustic decor gives the room an older, antiquated look. This appearance is ideal for rooms with antique fireplaces, engraved doors, high ceilings and Victorian windows. They also fit rooms used for holding formal meetings such as board rooms. Rustic decor can be used for halls, living rooms, garden or study. It is also considered the most appropriate decor for cabins or log homes.
Rustic decor is considered environmentally friendly because wood is the main material used. In most cases, these pieces of wood have not been treated with any chemical and have an unpolished surface.
Rustic décor does not only refer to furniture. It applies to furnishings as well. You can use other living room accessories such as rugs to achieve this effect. Persian hand woven rugs are suitable choices for this style. However, you will want to note that Asian carpets are most appropriate for large rooms as then the entire length is stretched out to show all the designs on the carpet. Rugs with animal, plant, lake or motif designs look more elegant than ones with geometric patterns. You will also have to choose rugs that match the shape of your room. There are square and circular ones that will blend with the floor design of your living room.
Wooden floors provide the same antiquated effect. Flooring of this type needs special care. They are sensitive to liquids, especially polish. To maintain their beauty, do not treat them with mixed polishes. Use the same Modern Garage Door Price polish constantly so that you do not have multiple colors showing on your wood surface. This situation can arise because water based polish and oil based ones produce different shades when applied to the same surface.
Rustic décor creates an antiquated look for your home. If you are a retro lover or Local Landscape Garden Designers simply want to go traditional, this kind of furnishing offers you the best opportunity.

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