Avoid a Backyard Brawl With Homeowners Insurance

Who knew that a quality homeowners insurance policy could cover you against backyard injuries? For example, say your son and a few of his friends are playing a game of baseball out back. Your son pitches his best fastball but instead of ending up in the catcher’s glove, he sees it fly over the fence for a homerun. As your son’s friend enthusiastically rounds first base, he trips over a tree and breaks his leg. Oops. Sure, you might be worried about your son’s friend, but what you’re really worried about is whether or not you will be held responsible.
Fortunately, if you’ve invested in a quality homeowners insurance policy, you’ll be glad to know that liability coverage should cover any hefty medical bills that the hospital decides on. Standard homeowners insurance includes the following:
1. Coverage for medical bills
2. Coverage for legal costs should a lawsuit arise
3. $500,000 in coverage in most standard, but it is Cleaning Tips For Kitchen recommended you increase the amount to $1 million
In order to receive the pay out, you will have to file a home insurance claim with your insurance company. Although the process can get a bit overwhelming at times, you will be fine as long as you follow directions and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your policy. Make sure you don’t file a liability claim for a cause that is not covered by your policy because if you do, the process can turn ugly quickly.
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Unfortunately, you could find yourself in a world of pain if the above situation occurs and you are without homeowners insurance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and with how wild and crazy children can get, it’s not worth taking a chance at. Contact your home insurance agent to discuss how much liability coverage you should obtain to ensure your backyard is protected by a quality homeowners insurance policy.

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