Bacterial Vaginosis – Basic Information For Women That Are New to BV

Over growing of harmful bacteria or disturbed pH balance of the vagina is the reason of having BV. This usually occurs at the childbearing age of a woman which is 15 to 44 years old, sexually active or not. You must put in mind that BV is not considered as sexually transmitted disease.
There are some symptoms that you must be aware of such as stinky smell coming from the vagina. Diy Garden Ideas On A Budget When you have this very embarrassing symptom then rest assured that you have BV.
By the way, bacterial vaginosis takes place when there is a change in the environment of Balcony Shelter Ideas the vagina in which the good bacteria decreases and overwhelm by the harmful bacteria.
Good bacteria help in fighting against bad bacteria. It protects the vagina in a lot of ways. The good bacteria helps in maintaining the pH balance of the vagina and always guarded off the bad bacteria from growing.
When you take antibiotic as a cure in your condition then you must made a wrong move. Antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria without hesitation. And this will worsen the condition. After killing them they will tend to come back and in this case, a harmful bacterium has a tendency to overgrow because they grow faster than good bacteria. That is why some of the women who already tried antibiotic have a recurring BV.
There are some effective treatments that will help you increase your good bacteria and eliminate the harmful ones. This treatment is known by everybody as natural home treatment. Try natural home treatment and you will say goodbye to BV forever.

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