Bed Throws: What Are They For?

Bed throws are a type of bedding that we can use as an additional warmer when sleeping. They are typically shorter but wider than regular bed sheet sizes. But their usability is not limited to beds only. We can also use these as throws for our couches. Spread across the back of the couch, we can easily reach for them when we want to stay warm while relaxing on the couch.
In addition to their functionality, they also add to the appeal of our interior d?�cor particularly if we get one that will blend perfectly well with the theme of our living room or bedroom.
Others even use these as wall hangings in the bedroom or living room. There are actually plenty of other ways that we can use these throws. It all depends on our preference.
Throw Choices
Bed throws have many different designs and they come in a variety of materials. Wool, fleece, faux fur, cotton, silk and a combination of cotton and polyester are only some of the materials used in making a throw. They may also be sewn, woven or quilted.
They come in solid colors or in many different prints and patterns, giving us an extensive array of choices which makes it easier for us to choose one that will complement any design theme that we have in the living room or bedroom.
There are also cute prints for kids’ bedrooms, with designs specifically made for a boy’s room or a girl’s room.
We could get a reversible throw to give us variety from a single throw or we can also get a one-side up design. Since they are made from special materials and even intricate patterns, we may find that they cost a bit more than regular beddings.
However, there are plenty of discounted throws that we can find on the internet and they Small Vegetable Garden Ideas also come in a variety of designs so we still have plenty of options to choose from.
On the other hand, we can also make our own throws and we can find instructions online to help us sew the perfect throw, with fabrics of our choice.
Washing Throws
Bed throws can either be machine-washed or hand-washed depending on the instructions which we can usually find on the labels. There are some that need to be dry-cleaned in order to keep the design from fading and the fabric from getting misshaped.
If we do not yet have the time to wash them, we should at least air-dry them by hanging them on a clothesline to prevent them from smelling musty.
Should these incur stains, there are readily-available stain removers for each type of fabric and there are likewise home stain removers that we can mix to get the stains out.
On the other hand, we can also take the throws to professional cleaners to take the stains out and also to wash them.
With the many uses for a bed throw, we will definitely greatly benefit from having New Home Landscaping these at home; plus they are easier to wash and maintain than comforters.

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