Being A Lonely Network Marketer Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Who could forget the lonely Maytag repair man? Each commercial featured the somber service man with no calls implying that a Maytag appliance does not break down. This obviously was quite successful a marketing strategy as the theme ran for years. (It certainly worked on purchased their washers, dryers and refrigerators.)
We network marketers should take a page out of their playbook. If Maytag built shoddy products, they could not make the claim of rarely – if ever – do you need to see one of their service people for repair on any of your Maytag purchases. If you build a shoddy or “needy” personally sponsored team, guess what? You will have to spend more time and energy keeping them “fixed” or focused on their businesses. And, since we rely on duplication, you can only imagine how your personally sponsored will train their personally sponsored and so on.
If you spend the time (and effort) right out of the gate properly training and building-up your new personally sponsored team members, they will do the same with their personally sponsored. There will be far fewer calls to you if your team members are trained where to get any company or product related information besides tapping you for assistance.
Maybe you are the type who likes to micro-manage your team. “Get back to me and let me know how you make out with that one-on-one presentation next Thursday.” “Let me know what how so-and-so responded to the video link you emailed to him.” “This is the second week in a row that you haven’t sent your daily call report to me to review. How can you expect me to help you if I don’t have this?”
This type of style will guarantee that you will never be “lonely” will also limit the growth of your group.
The macro team leader will empower team members to have the self-confidence they need to successfully run their own businesses. After the initial hand holding How To Decorate A Large Bedroom (training) period is over, this type of team leader can fade into the background – becoming “lonely” once again – allowing the new member to fly solo.
“Lonely” network marketers are part of (and sustainers of) a network marketing system that works for all of their team members willing to work it. “Lonely” network marketers find that they have the time freedom to expand Garden Layouts Ideas their businesses with new well as have the choice of working down their lines of sponsorship. “Lonely” network marketers will be able to vacation with their loved ones and not be chained to their laptops or smartphones.

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