Certain Breeds Are Increasing Home Insurance Prices For Dog Owners Nationwide

Dog-bite related accidents cost insurance companies over $350 million a year, and, according to the Insurance Information Institute, dog bites are now the single largest cause of home insurance claims. It’s no surprise that insurance companies often balk at being on the hook for the costly litigation.
Insurance companies will generally insure homeowners with dogs, but with certain limitations. If you own a breed that has been historically violent or unpredictable, you may have Exterior Boundary Wall Designs to pay an increased premium even if your dog has never shown a propensity toward biting. Some companies will lower this fee if the dog has passed an accredited obedience school.
If you’re already an owner or considering getting any of those ten breeds, you can expect difficulty finding home insurance coverage. Be sure to compare home insurance rates with multiple companies. Be upfront about Roofing Materials In India your dogs, but don’t resign yourself to paying an exorbitant rate. As you work with different insurers, you’ll be able to find an insurer that’s willing to assume the added liability of a potentially dangerous dog.
Though it may be difficult to find home insurance at an inexpensive rate, it’s important to consider that with coverage, you may be liable for your dog’s actions. Some states have a one-bite law that essentially gives homeowners one biting attack that they are not liable for. Others hold dog owners responsible for all unprovoked incidents.
Though Pit Bull and Rottweiler owners often swear by their dogs’ loyalty, many may find their pooch to be utterly un-insurable. Be sure to research the liability laws of your state and contact several insurance agents if you already own or plan to purchase any of these breeds.
And remember, if your dog isn’t insured, you could be held liable for any physical harm or legal fees that result from its actions. Even if you have to pay an increased premium, it’s financially irresponsible to avoid getting coverage altogether. Contact multiple home insurance companies to find an affordable policy that covers your legal liability.

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