Cheese Pizza Day and Surveys

Mmmmm, cheese pizza – it’s one of America’s favorite meals (second only to hamburgers) and, thanks to the creators of weird holidays, we are more than happy to celebrate Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th of each year. It’s not that folks love cheese pizza, they love pepperoni pizza, sausage Unique Vegetable Garden Ideas pizza, veggie pizza and supreme. There are even more pizza flavors if you dine out at some of the more trendy pizza places; you could feast on a different style almost every single night! According to industry research there are more than 60,000 pizzerias alone in the United States.
Combined, Americans eat pizza at the rate of 350 slices per second — that’s a lot of dough! Pizza parlors, delivery services and frozen pizza manufacturers all are salivating to know what flavors and styles you and your family love best. In addition to the toppings you want on your pie, How To Make A Small Bedroom Work these pizza makers what to discover the kind of crust most preferred – thin, pan, whole wheat, and hand tossed. The combinations are endless! This is where online surveys come in – you get to tell manufacturers what pizza you think is best and manufacturers end up selling more pizzas.
Demographics really drive pizza sales; that’s why paid surveys will ask you for your age, your family size, children’s ages, location, annual income and lifestyle among other questions. The answers to these queries help pizza makers decide who, what, when and where to market their pizza products. For example, past research has found that children ages 3 through 11 prefer pizza over all other food offerings for lunch or dinner. Flip on the television to your child’s favorite show and you might find just find they are now advertising your family’s favorite brand thanks to your input.
If you get invited to take a paid survey on pizza, it will be a little slice of heaven. You know the topic with be interesting and get you in the mood for a pizza lunch, dinner or snack. If you are lucky, you could even be selected to participate in a product sampling where you are sent coupons to test the pizza product for free or invited to come into a focus group for a live taste-test. Some other paid surveys may also reward you for your comments about pizza with cash, reward points for merchandise, gift cards or some other pleasing perk.

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