Christian Gift-Giving As an Act of Goodwill

Christians value the spirit of giving. In Christmas time, gifts pile up under family Christmas trees and stockings. Shopping lists tend to be longer and malls get too crowded during the holiday season. It always pays to start Christmas shopping before the season begins to avoid the holiday rush.
Start jotting down gift ideas. How about giving your mom an embroidered scripture table runner as an addition to her Christian home decors? Does your brother need new running shoes? Asking yourself these types of questions will help you think of the best gift to buy for your friends and family. You can choose Christian gifts or practical everyday items. Either way, just be sure that you are giving them what you think they’ll like.
But even though Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, gift-giving should not only happen at this time of year. Many Christians today see the value of giving Christian gifts, tangible or not, just when the world needs it most. According to a study conducted for the Christian Leadership Alliance, some Christian non-profit organizations increased its reliance on volunteers as an effect of the global economic crisis. This is the kind of intangible Christian gifts that many need to think about giving.
Volunteerism, as one form of Christian gift, offers one’s time and energy to do something for free. You can also support organizations that are helping communities by buying their products and help generate revenues to help more people. Veggies To Plant For instance, when you buy Christmas cards painted by out-of-school youths in the Philippines or hand-made Christian gifts from Israel refugee camps, you are in turn helping their support organizations continue their causes.
Encouragement is also one sincere way of spreading the Christian gift of love. This is a very personal act and the one giving it needs to truly value people in order to make the encouragement effective. Like volunteerism, it may also come in different forms. It can be an act of giving simple tokens, like simple Christian gifts from Israel and other holy places to tell the person that God is with them and the tokens will remind of that.
Encouragement can also come from giving others the idea that there is a Savior who is helping us with our problems and hardships. Displaying a crucifix as a Christian Landscape Budget Examples home décor, for example, might help your family members and guests feel great encouragement from its symbolism of the greatest sacrifice for love.

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