Create a Cozy Atmosphere at Home

When it is pelting rain and the wind is hurtling around your house, whistling at the windowpanes, nothing sounds better than a crackling fire in your fireplace and a warm rug to warm your feet in. Having a cozy, comforting space in our home can not only be aesthetically pleasant but can give us a sense of security and rightness. Creating this kind of space in your own home does not have to be a major ordeal. With a few well places items everyone can achieve a place of security and warmth in their own homes.
First, decide on where this space will be. Will you be adding on to your home, creating a space in your building plans, or converting an area already in your present home? Then determine the structural elements already in place. Is this space in a corner, is it an entire room. Is it next to a fireplace? In a bedroom? Does this space Growing Tomatoes In A Box have a window or is it an open area that is part of a larger already defined space? Next determine who will use this space. Will it be a private place used only be you? A romantic, intimate, place of refuge for you and a loved one? Is this space a family or community space that will be used by friends and visitors to your home?
Once you have determined these elements it is easier to begin Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom transforming a place of security and comfort in your home.
Some design elements can be the same regardless of the use or area the place is in. One essential thing to look at is the flooring. In order to have a warm welcoming space, you must have warm welcoming flooring. One easy and beautiful way to achieve this is with a natural flotaki area rug. This can be purchased in a size that will fit your space. One nice aspect of area rugs is that they provide an oasis in another room, so if you desire this comfort space to be part of another area an area rug is perfect. Natural flotaki rugs, are warm, welcoming and plush. They are perfect for introducing a sense of comfort and for cocooning around your feet. These gorgeous rugs can be purchased in 100% wool and offer a luxurious unique decorative focal point to this warm space.
Adding a welcoming chair or sitting area to the rug along with ensuring adequate lighting, whether through an additional built in light fixture or a standing lamp can help to solidify the uniqueness of this space. If this will be a reading space, a basket to hold reading material can be placed at the edge of the flotaki rug. Lounge pillows and cushy throws can be held in similar baskets ensuring that once you enter this space you do not have to leave to search out other items for your relaxation.
Finding a place of warmth, security, and a refuge from the storms of life can be as simple as creating that space inside your own home.

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