Create a Sanctuary in Your Bedroom

If you consider that you spend almost one third of your life in your bedroom, you should take a moment to make it into a space that is truly rejuvenating for you. While of course you want Houzz Garage Ideas your bedroom comfortable for sleeping, you may also want to create your own little sanctuary in your bedroom where you can shake off the stresses of the day and simply unwind and relax.
Let Pressures Melt Away
Your bedroom is your private space, and as you consider your decorating options, you will want to remember this: To help create a relaxing atmosphere, you can start by simply removing all of the clutter from your bedroom. Just this one simple task will make a huge difference in the look of your bedroom. Without all of the interruptions of clutter, your mind can take a break from the stresses of life.
Three Kinds of Lighting
Once all of the clutter is removed from your space, you can decide exactly how to arrange your lighting. You will probably want to include all three kinds of lighting in your room. Overhead lighting is great for when you want to do chores in your bedroom like fold laundry or vacuum. Then you will want to have some task lighting, and a good place for this type of lighting is on either side of the bed for reading. You will also want some very soft, ambient light just to add a little glow to your room, and there may even be times when a little candlelight is warranted as well.
Plan to Relax
As you are deciding what elements to include in your room, make sure to have some type of CD or stereo in your room, and if they can be controlled by remote, that would be ideal. Make sure that you have a good place to store books and magazines if you are a reader, and you may enjoy playing cards, working on a puzzle or writing in your journal. Whatever relaxing activities invigorate you can be included in your room. Remember, as you are adding all of these elements to your room to have a good place to store everything that is out of sight, as well as an appropriate place to enjoy the activity itself.
You may or may not want a television in your bedroom space. While a TV can be relaxing for some, it is annoying for others. If you want to turn your bedroom into a suite, you may also want to include a small sitting How Much Does Grass Cost area and maybe even a coffee maker or mini fridge. If you plan to incorporate this level of luxury into your bedroom suite, then make sure that you have appropriate storage to also keep them tucked out of sight.
Soft and Luscious Bedding
And for the focal point of your bedroom, you want to dress your bed with the most luxurious bedding that you can find. Look for soft and lush fabrics, and include ample, soft pillows for reading or writing in bed. A bed tray can also be handy for writing or even enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed. By even adding some of these elements to your bedroom space, you may find that you feel like you are staying in a five star hotel, even while you are still at home in your very own bedroom.

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