Custom Oak Furniture Care Guide

Those interested in custom made furniture would likely be the sorts who want good value for their money, in order to make sure that when they pay a price for something, they get the same sort of returns. Many are aware of how custom furniture designs can make practical and even economic sense, and that if you make the right choices you can have durable, high quality furniture that will offer you years of problem-free use.
What Wood is suitable for Custom Furniture?
When buying custom made furniture, furniture made from Oak wood is a popular choice. Oak is a durable and high quality raw material for furniture making. It is suitable even for families where there are Nice Things For Home a lot of children and therefore a lot of activity, spillage and knocking about. It is a very strong wood and resistant to damage such as the sort that result from scratches, spills, and dampness.
Oak wood is also very suitable for customization since it can successfully be painted, stained, or otherwise coated. Since oak is so good at resisting water and dampness, it is actually useful even for building ships! Since oak is a slow growing wood it is very strong and durable; it can literally last a lifetime and beyond!
What are the Options available with Oak?
Generally speaking there is Red Oak and White Oak to choose from: while Red oak is known for its distinctive and prominent streaks and durability, White Oak is popular because of being naturally water proof and even more durable than red oak. It is a matter of personal choice what kind of oak you want to use for your custom furniture design, though many consider the look of white oak with its longer streaks as more attractive.
Maintenance of Oak furniture:
When a person has gone to the trouble of selecting custom furniture design and ideas for their home; both in terms of money as well as time invested, they want to make sure that they are able to use the furniture for a long time to come. Much time and effort, to say nothing of money is typically invested by a person to see that the custom furniture they ordered is just right for their home and their requirements. So it is important to keep the following in mind:
1. Control humidity and temperature in the area where oak furniture is kept. Since humidity, moisture and direct sunlight can causes warping, or cracking in some cases, be sure to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight and water sources. Also avoid keeping hot dishes directly on the surfaces.
2. Keep clean using a soft cloth; dampening it slightly if required and make sure that dust does not collect on the surface.
3. Do not rub hard or use strong chemicals to clean the surfaces. Rubbing too hard in the case of a spill will cause the polish or finish to be damaged.
4. Follow care instructions that the furniture maker suggests: with Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration regard to maintenance and reapplication of wax coatings etc.

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