De-Clutter Your Home – Go Digital

De-clutter your paperwork, go digital with one touch of a button: Using the Fujitsu Scansnap with Evernote.
Paper is one of the largest, if not the largest reasons why people’s homes are cluttered. We get paper from everywhere: bills, magazines, important documents, advertisements, junk mail, just to name a few sources.
As I covered in another article, the best way to avoid cluttering your home with paper is to go through it right away. When it’s in your hands, you either trash or file.
If you decide to file, most people have some kind of paper filing system. But because of advancements in technology, going digital is now as easy as pressing one button.
Fujitsu has a line of scanners called the “ScanSnap” series. They are designed for home and small business applications.
The one I personally use Garden Decorative is the ScanSnap 300.
The other tool you’ll need is an Evernote account. Evernote is a data/document storage web-based tool. Anything stored on Evernote is completely searchable, both within the note and within the document. This is wonderful because you can store documents offsite and be able to find any document based on words contained within the document.
It’s pretty easy to set up. Once you have everything plugged in, you setup the Scansnap software to Evernote as the application Indoor Apartment Vegetable Gardening destination. Now it’s all set up for a one-button press to have your documents go from scan to Evernote.
Once it’s in Evernote, it automatically syncs to any device you have set up in your Evernote account. So you can instantly pull up the information (or any information in your Evernote account) via your computer and even your iPhone or other PDA device.
Now the big de-clutter step. Anything scanned in gets thrown away, except for important legal documents and receipts for major purchases. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT! The main thing in de-cluttering is to throw away or file. You already filed with Evernote. So throw it away!
That’s it! Do this process and you feel much more free! Your home will be de-cluttered! And the paper you scanned will be safely and securely filed away!

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