Decorating Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. It is often overlooked when redecorating but needs to look as nice and be as warm as any other room in the house. There are various ways to create a new bathroom without spending a whole lot of money.
To initiate the makeover of your bathroom it is necessary to decrease clutter. Take everything out of your cabinets/vanities and countertops. Go through all the products and decide what you really need. The items that are a must have store them temporarily in a spot where you can easily store find them later. Everything else you don’t need get rid of it. Figure out a plan to get organized. Next, you will head to your favorite discount store for storage devices. Look for plastic boxes, storage bins, drawer dividers, and clear cosmetic bags. These can come in different colors so if you find a set you really love consider adding their color scheme to your bathroom.
Towel bars will be a great addition also. It is amazing how much adding a towel bar can change the bathroom. If you have the space available, put up a bar for each person in the family. This is a way for you and you family to remember which towel belongs to whom and which towels are clean or dirty. When you hang the Small Modern House Interior Design towel racks be careful where you place them. Do not place racks to close to heating vents. When the towel is hanging you don’t want it right over the vent. If you do not have room for towel racks, another option is to buy some decorative hooks to go by the shower. These can be used to hang robes as well as towels.
Another great addition for small bathrooms is a shelf that can slide against the wall where the toilet is located. If you have a larger bathroom a nice hutch or a chest will add elegance. Make sure these Ashley Furniture Storage compliment your color scheme. Paying some attention to the floor is another way to freshen up your bathroom while adding to the color scheme. A colorful area rug will bring warmth to your bathroom.
You can easily match your shower curtain and towels to an area rug. Bath area rugs can be found in multiple colors. Remember you don’t have to choose the standard style area rug. Area rugs are available in different shapes and sizes too. Take care though to pick the right size area rug for your bathroom floor. You don’t want it to be too large or too small. Area rugs, in the bathroom are good for soaking up water after a shower or bath and will keep your feet from being cold on the tile floor. Just make sure that the water will not damage your area rug before placing it in the bathroom. This is truly a great way to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom.
You can add luxury to your bathroom by adding color and pattern on the walls as well. Stenciling could be a good idea if the paint on your walls is in good shape. This makes it simple to pencil in a border around the baseboard, vanity mirror, ceiling, or window. Make sure that the design goes with the decor of the rest of the bathroom.

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