Decorating Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time evokes many memories. For some, Thanksgiving is gathering together with extended family for large meals and a bit of family mayhem. Others equate this festive holiday as a day to watch football games, with a break for a plate of delicious traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Some see Thanksgiving as the time to travel long distances to be with family otherwise not seen during the rest of the year. This is one of the most universally celebrated holidays in our country; it is a day when we get together with friends or family and celebrate the plenty we have been blessed with and the bounty we enjoy, while looking forward to continuing that for the next year.
One way to signal the season in our homes is by decorating for Thanksgiving. Since this is traditionally a celebration of the harvest being bountiful, decorating in harvest colors is an appropriate place to start your decorating decision How To Decorate A One Room Apartment making. Harvest colors are rich and earthy browns, reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Choosing one, two or even multiple hues of these colors to bring into your kitchen will help to bring the Thanksgiving feeling into your home.
Adding one or more rugs to your kitchen is a wonderful way to either begin or finish off your kitchen decorations. Finding a richly hued rug will give a spark to your kitchen. A burnt orange or rust red rug will liven up your cooking Very Small Garden Ideas space. A smaller mustard yellow or olive green rug in front of the sink will designate the sink area as separate from the rest of the room. A rich brown or auburn rug over a light colored floor will help to give depth to your room.
Decorations can be continued throughout your kitchen by adding baskets, cornucopias, or even wheat stalks or multihued corn as centerpieces on your countertops or atop kitchen countertops. Warm red kitchen towels, painted wooden scarecrows and orange pumpkins can be used to add to your kitchen decorations. Candles can be placed in your kitchen to add to the scents that occur when baking. A pumpkin spice candle can bring the smell of pies even before you begin the actual baking. Cinnamon candles can be lit to evoke thoughts of warm spiced cider. Roasted vanilla or sugar cookie scented candles bring to mind the cooking associated with the holidays, without the actual calories that accompany the baking of those sweets.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate home and hearth. It is a time to reflect and be grateful for the things that we have and the gifts we enjoy. It is a time of the year when we focus on the good in our lives and try to forget the bad. We focus on our families and the relationships that mean most to us. We reflect on the warmth of our homes and lives. Decorating our homes for Thanksgiving is one way to symbolize the bounty we are grateful for and the blessings we recognize and enjoy.

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