Designing With Bamboo Hardwood Floors: Making Minimalist Work for You

Bamboo floors have a lightness airy-feel to them. The natural buff color radiates in a sun-lit room and can instantly create the illusion of space, even in a compact room. It also is the perfect compliment to the ‘modern minimalist’ home.
Modern design involves sleek furniture that doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. Colors are typically cream, white, or beige, and a splash of color for pillows and typically one wall. Often times you’ll see small glass coffee tables and bare windows without any curtains.
So how does bamboo flooring play in to the modern design scheme?
The key is light! The neutral, light-colored walls play off of the buff-colored of natural bamboo. The bare windows provide maximum sunlight, which creates space, space, and more space. Many designers are even matching the walls to the floor to further expand a room. Then the pillows, tile, or single splash of color on the walls become a focal point.
So what type colors go best Very Small House Decorating Ideas with minimalist style?
For 2011, we’re seeing chocolate brown, jet black or charcoal, coral, jade, and turquoise. Notice these colors all stem from an Asian influence, which makes bamboo flooring almost a crucial element in this type of design.
Other crucial elements for minimalist design include a rug to break up some of the openness (you don’t want too much of a good thing). In a living room, a small white rug underneath a glass coffee table is perfect. For a bedroom, a large cream-colored rug underneath the bed will compliment a chocolate-colored bed-frame. Just be sure there is a clear separation between the color of the rug and the color of the floor. In this scenario, cream-colored rugs will look best over a bamboo slightly darker than the natural color.
Another key accent for minimalist style that goes well with bamboo flooring – a plant in the corner of the room with a light-colored or clear-colored vase. Brown or black could work here as well, depending on how much of those darker colors are already used. The plant is used to set boundaries for space so again, there’s not too much openness. A bamboo plant works very well here. Or you could put a glass on the coffee table with lotus flowers.
Pick one or two more accent pieces for the room and you’re done. Really! A sleek floor lamp next to the couch will do, and a portrait on the wall with a splash of color from your main color. If you’re using coral or red, go for a piece that has a white background and vibrant red or coral Japanese orchids. No need for fancy framing here. The canvas itself works beautifully!
Actually there’s really no need to go ‘fancy’ over anything here. The soft elements of the bamboo and Balcony Must Haves the tiny splash of color all compliment one another, creating an array of harmony in your home.

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