Draining Down Your Static Caravan – the Most Important Action Before Winter

So you own a holiday home. This may be your first winter or you may be a seasoned holiday home owner. Either way, you Power Clean House must still prepare your precious property for the winter, whether you expect mild weather or arctic conditions.

This article explains the necessary processes for draining down your static caravan.

This is the most important part of your preparations. Failure to drain down properly could cost you thousands in repair bills, replacement carpets, replacement woodwork (you’d be amazed at the damage a little dampness can do to MDF) and electrical damage. And don’t think your insurance will cover this; it won’t.

Have some antifreeze ready. Flush the toilet and, while it is filling, tip a liberal helping of antifreeze into the cistern – about a thirty percent solution should do.

Shut off the gas and disconnect the gas bottle if you have one

Shut off the water supply outside and disconnect the pipes as close to the stop cock as possible and on the caravan side.

Open all taps so the water in the pipes drains out.

Find any drain taps/plugs in the pipe work as you can and open them. These can normally be found under the van around the kitchen, shower and toilet.

You should now connect a compressed air line to the water inlet and blow out all the pipes.

Disconnect the water pipes to the water heater – remember to place a bowl under the coupling before you do this.

If you have hot water central heating, you must do the same to the complete system.

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Flush the toilet again. This will empty the cistern and Landscaping Estimate Template put the antifreeze into the bowl and around the u-bend.

The final piece of advice on draining down your caravan is – DON’T BOTHER.

“What!” You may shout in shock, picturing the flood from the split pipes as you turn on the water supply in the spring.

Remember I said that the insurance won’t cover it. Well, it will if you have a professional drain down the caravan for you. You have spent thousands on your beautiful holiday home; You are paying the holiday park anything up to five-thousand a year just for the privilege of keeping your caravan there. Pay them an extra sixty quid and they’ll make sure your pipes are completely clear of water before the first frosts. Did you read point #5 above? Well the holiday park will do this most important step.

One year, I decided to drain down my two holiday caravans myself. This saved me almost 100 pounds. I returned to the first one in the spring, turned on the water and had a flood under the bath panel. I shut off the water and decided I would leave it till the next day. Arriving at the second caravan, which had to be dryer, the identical thing happened. Lesson – I never drained a caravan down again. I always paid the park to do it.