Find Comfort in Securing Your Homes

With national statistics showing that someone is burgled just about every minute in Small Balcony Garden Design Ideas Australia*, securing the place you call ‘home sweet home’ is an essential job.
To help you take the first steps in making your home safe and sound, and to minimise the chance of it becoming a target, we’ve provided you with a few simple questions below to ask yourself.
o Do I live in an area with a high burglary rate?
Researching a suburb before you move in, or finding out if the suburb you already live in does have a high rate of burglary is important, so you can be aware of the likelihood of theft.
o Does my home look like no one lives there?
Broken fly-screens, uncut grass or rubbish on your property can give a burglar the impression that you’re not home. When you go away on holidays you also need to think about making sure your house is secured and maintained. Cancelling your regular deliveries and arranging with a trusted friend, neighbour or family member to pick up your mail is also important.
o Do I have any security measures in place?
Security windows and doors, alarms and deadlocks on all entrances of your home give burglars a visual deterrent. In many cases, if your house looks like too much hard work, the burglar will probably move on.
o What is my How To Care For A Vegetable Garden routine?
Some burglars do their homework. They will often take note of when people come and go from their homes, so they can minimise their risk of getting caught. Timers on electrical appliances, like lights and radios, are a great way to make it seem like you are home when you’re not. Timers can be purchased from your local hardware store and are very easy to install.
o Do I have the right home and contents insurance?
By purchasing the right home and contents insurance, taking photos and keeping the receipts of your valuables, you’ll have the peace of mind that your possessions can be replaced with minimal cost to you and your family.
* Research based on a survey of Australian households by Woolcott Research on behalf of NRMA Insurance, October 2007

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