Finding Balance in Your Home Decor

When it comes to home décor, just like in other aspects of our lives, we are happier and more comfortable when we find balance. Harmony and balance helps us enjoy a pleasing atmosphere and feel more at peace with the world and ourselves but finding that balance within our homes and our living spaces is not always easy.
If you are having trouble creating that balance in your home décor, know that you are not alone. Many home owners struggle with this. For years, people have tried to create balance while still having a homey, lived-in feeling in their homes. In the past, people thought they could create balance by having everything in their home in pairs. They had windows, doors and even furniture in pairs. People also believe that to create harmony, everything in the home must match.
Today we prefer to take a more relaxed approach to finding balance in our lives and in our homes. So how can you create a feeling of balance and harmony in your home décor?
Some ways in which you can do this are by using:
o Color
o Sizes House Styles Guide
o Shapes
o Number
o Light
o Accessories
You can use dark colors to create more weight and light colors for less weight to create balance in your room. The height, depth and width of a particular object in your room will also have an impact on the balance of the room.
The mass of an object is another way to add balance to your room. Thin, fragile pieces will have less weight than larger, thicker objects. Placing objects in numbers or clusters Interior Design Packages is another way to balance the decor of the room. A group of several objects together in different sizes is a way to add weight to your room and balance off a look.
To truly master this technique involves “feel”. You have to have a bit of a sixth sense for it. Stand in the doorway to the room that you feel isn’t right somehow and really focus on what it is that you don’t like or that makes you feel uncomfortable. This will help you get a feel for what needs to be changed or moved.
Once you tap into this, it will become easier and easier to create rooms with balance and harmony that you just feel better being in!

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