Go Green With Home Decor

Green living, conserving the earths resources using less of them, has become and increasingly popular way to live. People all over are choosing to shop organically, buy green products, ad use less of non-renewable resources.
This increased awareness of our Earth and it’s limited resources, along with the need for all the inhabitants of the planets to be wise with their consumption and mindful of the needs of others Mid Century Modern House Plans who also live on the Earth as well as those to come in future generations has awakened a sense of responsibility for the way we eat, travel, dress, and even build and decorate our homes.
A surge in popularity has swelled around green building. Using recycled insulation materials, energy efficient appliances and tools, and materials that make a small carbon footprint have all become popular ways to build ‘green’. We now look into the wood being used to construct our home, as well as what we see on the surface.
One extremely popular material that can be used for clothing, bedding, decorating and even flooring is bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It has been measured at having growth of up to 48 inches in one 24-hour period. That is four feet in one day! It can be found in both hot and cold climates and across several continents. It is highly renewable, has fast and high growth potential and is used in a variety of ways. Bamboo can be used to construct housing, as medicine, the shoots are part of some countries diets. Bamboo is used to make a variety of textiles. It is used for transportation and water processing. Bamboo is an extremely versatile and useful resource.
Bamboo is also an increasingly popular home decoration material. This renewable, ‘green’, material is found in high thread count sheets, cutlery, dishes, textiles, furniture, area rugs and flooring.
Bamboo flooring or bamboo rugs, is a popular alternative to carpet or other forms of flooring or rugs. Bamboo rugs can be an attractive option to those shopping for rugs. They are easy to clean, do not require a vacuum, and can be a wonderful attractive choice for those who prefer harder surfaces due to aesthetics or allergic considerations.
Bamboo area rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Bamboo flooring can vary from the palest yellow to a dark ebony brown. It can come in variegated shades that incorporate golden yellow along with the deeper browns to achieve a striped or ‘tiger’ look. The surface can be horizontal or vertical, which give completely different looks to the bamboo. Bamboo rugs can also vary in texture, size of planks, binding materials and colors. Finding a bamboo rug to coordinate, accent or base your decorating around can be an easy task as there has never been a time when bamboo has been a more popular material.
Green living continues to grow in popularity and along with it, the Very Small House Decorating Ideas use of one of Earth’s most renewable and amazing resources: bamboo.

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