Handmade and Retro Are Buzz Words For 2010

After two decades of flash furniture, over the top interior design and flash in the pan fashions, it seems 2010 is ushering in a new decade where a new set of buzz words are due to reign. Austerity-chic has become hip as people have Vintage Yard Art been forced to tighten their belts but not their creativity. Decades of indulgence and excess are now frowned upon as even the wealthiest and most glamorous want to be seen to be green. Where Leo DiCaprio goes, we follow…
Boho-chic revamped for 2010
But how does this impact on the home? This spring, expect a folksy feel to emerge as handmade decor, retro vibes and boho-chic come together in a playful mix. Opting for natural woods, like oak furniture, will help you create that organic, homespun effect – you can dress down or dress up oak furniture thanks to the fact it looks timeless in any interior design. Rustic revamps are on the cards for dining rooms across the UK. Injecting colour and uniqueness with storage baskets, printed linen or colourful cushions and quirky ceramics all help create the folksy feel.
Get Down with the Folks
Even opting for stencils or murals on the wall will help create the bohemian edge that looks so inviting in folksy-inspired decor. It’s a 2010 trend that’s been dubbed by the Daily Mail as “the new folk laws”. Like all cultural and aesthetic expressions, the trends of the day Front Balcony Design House are very much shaped by the overall culture and thinking of the era. And 2010 is very much the hangover from a decade of excess and profit. Now unbridled greed and extravagant wealth are almost dirty words as shamed bankers become even more unpopular than traffic wardens.
Timeless pieces back on Trend
The authenticity and humble quality of natural woods and homespun design is set to dominate the decade. Sustainability, durability, organic materials and timeless pieces that last are set to dominate. Just as the world of fashion turned its attention to the capsule wardrobe after the financial crisis hit, classic pieces are in vogue.

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