Hiring Home Health Aides/Companions for Your Loved One

When searching for care for your loved one, it requires a certain type of work to find what is right for them. To start you should take a pen and paper and make a list of their needs. You might be able to get them some help with their personal activities, such as laundry, bathing, dressing, cooking and cleaning. You might be able to find volunteers, like family and friends, but you might have to hire a Home Health Aide, who provides personal care, cleaning and companionship in their home.

Depending on the needs, only some home care can be given by licensed health workers, like skilled nursing and other treatments for illnesses, that can be performed by a licensed nurse or a licensed therapist. Medicare will only pay for home care if they meet certain conditions, so it is best to check with Medicare before you decide on hire a nurse.

You can hire a home health care agency for care in their home but Medicare usually does not cover home care. It is going to be an expense paid by you or your loved one. Rates vary among agencies and private Home Health Aides, so it is up to you to verify all the information necessary to provide safe and secure care.

For agencies in your area you can look at the Home Health Care website, or the National Association for Home Care. You will find what type of care they would need and where to call for more information.

You may find the below home health services Vegetable Garden Layout Software available in your community:

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Skilled nursing Garden Accessories Name care/CNA

Homemaker/Home Health Aides/Companions

Personal care aides

Respite care and


Homemaker/Home Health Aides provide medical and personal care for the elderly or even disabled living in their own homes or certain Care Facilities. They work under the supervision of an RN or LPN and sometimes a Physical Therapist to provide Health related services. A Home Health Aide is required to record the services they perform and the client’s progress. If the Home Health Aide is not certified they are unable to provide certain types of care, such as administering medication.

Personal care and Companions provide housekeeping and certain personal care services. They can also clean the home, do laundry, shop, schedule appointments and accompany the client to a doctors appointment. They are not required to carry a Home Health Aide license if they are not providing certain personal care, they are however required to have a background check and possibly drug testing.

Respite Care:

Respite care is usually provided through the DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities). They provide Respite Care Providers under their supervision in a home for the disabled to relieve the parents or caregivers and provide them time to themselves while the Respite Provider tends to the disabled client. They also can accompany them to doctor appointments or take the client on outings to provide them with some entertainment.

Respite, is a break for families and can be temporary or permanent and is provided to children and/or adults with disabilities, or with chronic or terminal illnesses, and to children at risk of abuse and neglect. The care can be provided in or out of the clients home and depending on their needs can be ongoing or short-term. Respite care providers are required to complete a course for Danielle’s Law and receive a certification, have a background check and a drug test and be CPR certified prior to providing care.

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When seeking qualified to care for your loved one it can be overwhelming. Take your time and do extensive research and interview the provider and introduce them to your loved one. It takes a certain type of personality to provide care for the elderly or disabled and they do not always click with certain providers, so be sure they are comfortable before allowing them to care for your loved one. Also, check with the agency or if a private aide to make sure they have a background check, that they are bonded and the Agency or Individual is insured. With these tips you will be able to make an informed decision for your loved one.