Home Insurance Claims – What Are the Most Common Ones?

In order to secure a good homeowners insurance policy, you should be aware of what the most common home insurance claims are. Understanding the most common claims is important so that you know what to look for and what type of coverage options to opt for, when researching a new home insurance policy. Below is a description of the top four claim types most commonly made on a homeowners insurance policy.
1) Water. Damage caused by water is number one. This does not include flood damage. Most homeowners policies do not provide coverage for flood damage Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2019 and a separate policy is necessary to obtain that coverage. Most water claims are caused by leaks, overflows, or bursting water heaters.
2) Fire. Claims for fire damage are for structural damage as well as content loss. Make sure to read your policy well and make sure that there is no exclusion for coverage, if the reason for the fire is determined to be your fault.
3) Accidents. Having a pizza delivery guy sue you for slipping on your property while delivering a pizza is not as uncommon Exterior House Design App Free an occurrence as many people think. In fact, according to home insurance statistics, it happens quite frequently.
4) Animal attacks. Both homeowners who own pets who bite others, and homeowners who get bit by other people’s pets, make claims on their policies for the damage done to them by the animal attack. The language used in the home policy is very different from company to company when it come to this type of coverage so review your plan well.

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