Home Page Hijacking? How to Fix Your Hijacked Homepage – 4 Methods Available

Your home page has been changed without your permission? It means your home page has been hijacked. Home Design Kerala This article keeps discussing how to fix your hijacked homepage. The following are the methods:
1) If your computer has been affected by viruses/spywares, the viruses/spywares will keep monitoring your computer and hijacking your IE (internet explorer). In such a case, it is more difficult to repair your hijacked homepage. If you are skilled computer users, you can try to manually remove the viruses/spywares by killing the process of the viruses/spywares and things like that. If you are not so experienced, you can use some antivirus programs to get rid of the viruses/spywares first and then repair your homepage.
2) It is hard to remove viruses/spywares while it is easier and practical to prevent viruses/spywares installing in your computer so that your home page won’t be hijacked next time. This is a big case of computer security, it is recommended to have some antivirus programs which provide functions of preventing programs installing on your computer automatically without your permission.
3) Sometimes you want to download some programs from internet and that may lead to the homepage hijacking. The developers of the programs that you want are possible to bundle their programs with some website address to make profits. That way, you have to face an awkward dilemma. If you want to use the program, you have to bear your favorite Roofing Your House homepage to be hijacked. Of course, uninstalling those not quite bright programs will give your home page back. As a saying goes, “You cannot have your cake and eat it.” It is recommended to read the guide of the program carefully when you decide to install a program; otherwise, you shouldn’t be surprised by your homepage being hijacking.
4) If the computer’s HOSTS which is located in c:windowssystem32driversetc has been changed, the symptom may also occur. To repair the HOSTS, you can use some tools (System Repair Engineer and things like that). But such a case seldom happens, for HOSTS is one of important place monitored by antivirus software.

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