Home Schooling Through High School – Is it the Best Way to Raise Children?

Many parents asked me why I homeschooled my two kids through graduation. They questioned the practical value of homeschooling our children, especially in high school. Through the years, we have encountered many questions Garage Door Screen about homeschooling. And I would like to help address these issues. Otherwise, when these are left un-answered, these issues will linger and add to the confusions and misconceptions about homeschooling.
First and foremost, homeschooling my kids provided me the opportunity to help shape their education. Spending long hours with allowed me to gain better understanding of their needs and appreciate their specific traits Growing Vegetables In Raised Beds and tendencies. I did not only have the opportunity to raise them as good members of the community and better servants of the Lord but spend some precious time with them throughout their high school years.
Understanding my teen age children proved to be important as this helped me assess their preparedness, social, spiritual and academic inclinations and their love for learning. This had also blossomed to better parent-child relations. Had I sent my children to traditional public schools, these opportunities would have been lost.
Homeschooling my kids also facilitated their learning processes. They studied and learned at their own pace, making the learning process a more exciting and adventurous one. But most importantly, they continued to have friends and nurtured relationships. In other words, my experience in homeschooling my kids proved that better and quality education is possible while making their teen age years exciting and adventurous.
I can say this because I spent the best years of my life homeschooling my children and experienced first-hand the built-in advantages of the homeschooling system. So, to those who are asking why I homeschooled my kids, let me ask you this instead: Why aren’t you?

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