Homeowner’s Insurance and Tornadoes

Tornadoes are extremely volatile storms that destroy randomly in their path. One house may be completely destroyed while another one next to it may be left standing. In 2009 alone, there were over 1,000 documented tornadoes in America, and there were 55 deaths related to these tornadoes with 23 of those being in Alabama and 17 Best Modern House Design of them in Tennessee. With tornadoes being so prevalent, you need to make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers you in the event a tornado strikes your home. Most policies do provide this sort of coverage, but some companies may refuse to cover tornado damage in certain areas, or they may only cover up to a certain amount.
There are also repairs and precautions that you make and take yourself, to minimize the damage of a tornado and maximize your protection. Your roof is the first place you need to take a look at. Check for any weak spots where water could come flooding in, damaging your floors and possessions. Also check for loose shingles that could allow gusts of wind to damage the roof, and possibly rip off the shingles themselves if they are loose. Check for any trees with branches that are hanging low or close to your home or power lines. Strong winds from a tornado Cheap Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms can cause them fall causing damage and bringing down dangerous power lines. Also, check to see that nearby trees are healthy enough to stand up to strong winds. If they are not, have them removed to prevent them from falling over. Check your doors and windows, and have them storm proofed. If you take these precautions and you are still a victim of tornado damage contact your agent immediately to make sure your claim is processed quickly. After a storm, many people may be contacting their insurance companies, so remain calm while you wait.

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