How to Build Cubbyhole Shelving

Cubbyhole shelving is a great way to show off your favorite home accessories and d?�cor with style. Cubby hole shelving can be built small or large as you like, in different shapes and patterns, suiting just about every design style and theme possible. Cubbyhole storage also helps to keep your everyday items like remote controls, magazines and car keys in a convenient and attractive location. Use this guide to building cubbyhole shelving and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your d?�cor design in any room of the house.
Selecting materials
Materials for the project are crucial to having a shelving system that looks good and can also support the weight of your home accessories. For average sized cubby holes with 3×3 openings, basic A� inch MDF or medium density fiberboard can be used. For sturdier shelving, A� or one inch MDF board must be used to support the weight of the system. For cubbyholes that are very small and support table decorations and the like, using A� inch MDF material works best.
Of course, MDF board is only good if it’s going to be painted. Choosing alternative materials like birch veneered plywood can be a pricey, but a classy way to build cubbyhole shelving. Choosing veneer skinned plywood over solid materials is an easy way to save money on expensive finer woods to display your table decorations.
Box Methods
This method of building a cubbyhole shelving system is for those who need a few cubby holes or ones in scattered spaces. Offsets and dilapidated cubbyhole shelving can be built using this method:
1. Cut the sides of the box the same measurement
2. Cut the top and bottom of the box shorter New Roof Technology by the thickness of two pieces of material
This will ensure your box is square when nailed together. Brad or finish nails should be used when nailing any pieces of the material. Wood glue and small brads should be used on thinner materials.
To square the box shape, simply use the 3-4-5 method. Measure in one direction two three inches or feet and make a mark with a pencil. Measure four inches or feet in the other direction. Now Landscaping And Gardening diagonally measure between the two marks. Maneuver the square until it reaches exactly five inches or feet and you’ll have a perfect square fit for the finest home accessories and d?�cor.
Slot Method
When additional shelving is needed, the slot method can save you tons of time and materials. Begin by ripping the shelving down to the width you need from a full sheet of plywood. Cut the rips to length both horizontally and vertically. Mark the plywood where the shelving is evenly spaced. Cut notches into the width of the plywood, halfway through the rip. Do the same for the opposing shelf on the opposite side of the rip. Now simply slide the two notches together for the ultimate quick cubbyhole shelving system perfect for all of your home accessories and d?�cor.

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