How to Cure Bad Breath – 3 Bad Breath Home Remedies

Are you embarrassed by your breath? You want to know how to cure bad breath? Well here are three bad breath home Growing Vegetables Indoors Hydroponically remedies you can try from the comfort of your own home away from embarrassment and the judgment of others.
Have you ever gone out for dinner with a group of friends, sat down at your table and while waiting for your meals have engaged in small talk, to open your mouth and then have the two guys sitting next to you back away and move their chairs further to the other side of the table? I have and it sucks!
Am I alone? No! In this country, between 14-25% of Americans suffer from breath problems. That’s a lot of people. If you don’t suffer from bad breath then likely you know someone that does. Statistically when ever your with a group of friends one of them should be affected. Have you told them? They may not even realize they have the problem.
So what can we do about it, what are these home remedies?
Drink water. Yes plain old water. Not only should you drink plenty of water as part of a healthy diet but drinking water also keeps you mouth moist. Bacteria in your mouth are most efficient at creating bad breath gasses when your mouth is dry because saliva has a natural antibacterial action. Water is also great after every meal just to wash away any food particles that the bacteria will use as a food source.
Another home remedy you can try is becoming a vegetarian. What you say? Well you don’t need to go that far but protein is a great source of food for bacteria so if limit your protein intake or at the least make sure you clean your mouth thoroughly after having a high protein meal then that will help stop the bacteria from using the protein as fuel.
That leads me to my final home remedy which is the most effective and everyone knows it but not everyone does it when they should. You would be surprised how much people suffer emotionally from their breath issues, yet it could be avoided simply by spending a bit more time on your oral hygiene. That’s right bacteria, food particles, Indoor Vegetable Garden tooth decay, gum diseases all contribute to bad breath and can all be avoided or controlled just by doing the simple things like brushing after every meal, daily tongue cleaning, cleaning your cheeks and flossing. It is not hard, it doesn’t use expensive dental procedures, but it works and cures the most common causes of bad breath.

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