How to Decorate a Kitchen – 10 Top Tips

A slate back splash:
Appeared in recent years in hardware stores, the paint allows a convenient slate decor. Imagine a slate back splash at the top, where you can write shopping lists, weekly menus, sweet little words and other quotes. Paint it in front of the sink to prevent splashing.
A mirrored back splash:
We all dream of a spacious kitchen with large work plan and center island. But reality reminds us that our kitchen is often far too “itty bitty” for our liking. There is nothing like a dresser mirror that will expand the space and make the room brighter. Mirrors are readily available to fix the form of a plate 30 x 30 cm in DIY or decorating.
Letters on the wall:
They say that walls have ears. So let them express themselves with humor through large colorful letters. A word is enough to decorate the kitchen. And if you’re feeling creative, feel free to make it by yourself like a hobby store that offer products in raw wood or cardboard to customize with tape, paint, etc
Colored Bio Gardening boxes:
In a white kitchen, opt for colorful decorative elements but in small steps that do not distort the sober and clear a room with white furniture. For example, there are a series of boxes with vibrant colors over its wall elements: they catch the eye and break the sometimes too “clinical” an immaculate kitchen.
Painted furniture:
Tired of the color of your kitchen cabinets? No need to change everything so far and spending a fortune! Opt for a good stroke that will give new life to your closet. For your convenience, use a first undercoat suitable for the support that will allow the paint to better catch.
Paste stickers:
Colored or natural, figurative or abstract, the sticker is a great low cost option decoration for the kitchen. It brightens up a wall or door or closet door. However, it is advised no to overdose the stickers on walls, doors viewed and reviewed in recent years. So we use these stickers sparingly. No more than one on a wall.
Collections exhibited:
Give an air of curiosity cabinet in your kitchen by exposing the items found in flea markets and other garage sale. Use old posters and food jugs collection. This brings originality and friendliness to the living room. But beware of the household; dust will take longer than usual.
Polished concrete:
We love the fashion of polished concrete in decor. Unfortunately, achieving a work fully with this material is very expensive. Again, it is fake. For this, use the tile adhesive tinted gray and khaki work on the float. After the coating dried it varnish for a polished concrete effect.
Stencil decor:
To revamp campaign style furniture, you can opt for stencil colors. Shaped covered giants, they will find quite a place Modern Homes Interior in the kitchen. The most creative of you will not hesitate to engage in drawing and cutting stencils homemade.
Hide with fabrics:
In a kitchen, the lower shelves are not always closed by a door. To hide the plumbing sub-basin or protect the dishes from dust, one can lay a beautiful fabric, thick with a rod.

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