How to Find Or Create Cottage Desks

Cottage desks are very feminine. At the same time they can also be quite substantial and even use paint colors such as blue. It allows you to get a custom look in your home without spending a lot of money. Plus it’s just very charming and comforting. It can be a relaxing space to work in that isn’t boring. Here are a few tips for DIY projects that pertain to cottage desks.
Play around with your paint colors. White and cream are hallmarks of this design style. This may seem a little too juvenile. This is especially true if you already have white walls in your office space. You probably really want to play around with color. You can bring color on your furniture if you don’t feel like painting your walls. Some of the traditional cottage colors are pink, blue, green and gray. You want to choose muted tones that are inspired by nature to get more of that country feeling.
Even if you have the perfect cottage desk it can be completely ruined by your choice of office chair. You’ll really want Home Design Interior to invest in a white wood office chair that will have all of the charm and it won’t distract from your paint finish.
You can also use more masculine colors for cottage desks if you are trying to strike a compromise or get design balance in your room. You can bring in a lot of different taupes and gray tones. This will have more of the masculine touch and yet the very feminine lines of the cottage Home Design Ideas Exterior furniture while still show through. This has more of an old farmhouse feel. You want to make sure that the neutral paint tones that you choose are different enough from white so that they don’t just look at dirty when placed up against your existing walls or trim work.
Try to add in a little bit of pattern. This is a way to give a very plain piece more of that country look. You will need to use a little bit of restraint in this design style just because it is so easy to go overboard. You’ll really want to make bigger statements so that it doesn’t end up turning into a craft nightmare. You could use decoupage medium and vintage calendars to cut out country roses. You could put these all over the top of the desk or just use a few accents under the handles. The same rule applies to stencils. Stencils often get a bad name in country design. You can make an elegant display just by buying a higher end stencil. Then you can just stick with a metallic color, or just add in your own shading so it looks hand painted even if you aren’t an artist.

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