How To Generate A Zillion Leads On The Internet

Yes, I said a zillion. It’s now officially a real number.
And I found the way to generate a zillion.
Ready? Here’s the secret.
Attraction marketing.
You’re now saying to yourself, “Attraction Marketing? That’s crazy talk! I’ve known all about attraction marketing ever since they invented Quick Fix Garden Ideas the term a couple of years ago. I’ve been doing attraction marketing. It’s not working. I’m still waiting for my zillion leads!”
Well, my apologies if you’re the exception to the rule. But no, you haven’t done attraction marketing. Because if you have been, you’d be attracting.
What you’ve probably been doing is what most other people have been doing. You’ve been publishing articles that have “attraction” and “marketing” as keywords.
And you’ve even been “attraction marketing” as one of your terms too.
(You did that right after you stopped using “Law of Attraction” as a keyword.)
That’s not attraction marketing. That’s “monkey see, monkey do” marketing. That’s going with the herd, and hoping you don’t get trampled in the process.
What you’re seeing here – right now – this is attraction marketing.
I’m being playful. Bold. Daring. I’m getting some of you upset.
(I’d use a different word here, but the editing algorithms will kill the whole article for profanity.)
I’m being myself. It’s turning some of you off.
But it’s also turning some of you on.
In other words, it’s ATTRACTING you.
Get it? Attraction marketing.
It’s being real. It’s having the skills the marketplace wants, and putting it out there in a way that’s fun. And safe. And makes people want to be a part of what you do.
Truthfully, it’s why I’m on the leaderboard of many of the big affiliate programs. And it’s why people fly from all over North America to be part of my seminars.
That’s not something that everyone is ready to do at this point.
But it IS something anyone can LEARN to do.
All they need to do is find their own voice. Be themselves.
Then study the industry they want to attract in.
Then use the cool tools and technology all of us have available.
Then form some good strategic partnerships with people who dig what you do.
Put it all together. Shake well.
PRESTO: A zillion leads!
That’s the Information On Organic Gardening formula.
Might take a little bit longer than the “get rich quick” crowd would like.
But it lasts a lifetime. And since so few have the patience to do it, it leaves a lot of followers for those of us who do it.
If you decide to be one of those who gets a zillion followers by doing the deal for real, instead of plugging into the “secret formula,” congratulations!
And don’t worry… I guarantee we’ll find you. In fact, I’ll probably be one of your zillion leads!

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