How to Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget

Today, more and more bathrooms are being turned into a place of luxury where people can get away and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. In other words, the bathroom has become a place that is more than just a sink, toilet, and shower. Homeowners are turning their bathrooms into a spa experience! If the current state of your bathroom does not quite measure up to this definition, there are several low cost improvements you can make in order to transform your bath.
Color: Before you knock the tile off the shower walls, consider camouflaging it with towels, rugs, shower curtain, and accessories. Paint the walls a trendy new color that will coordinate with the existing tile. If you have the traditional old fashioned aqua green color, paint the walls a bright blue. For brown or tan tiles, go with a soft blue or a pale green paint that will complement the existing colors in your room. Paint the walls a deep dark brown if your tiles are pink.
Lighting: Replace your existing ceiling light with something new and a little more contemporary. Consider adding scones on either side of your mirror for a fresh new Exterior Home Design Styles look. You may also want to add candles around the bathtub area. If you don’t have a ledge, add a little table or a wall shelf to place your candles next to the tub.
Fixtures: Replace chrome faucets with pewter or brushed stainless steel faucets in your tub, shower, and sinks, but don’t stop there. Replace and coordinate How To Decorate Garden With Waste Material your towel bars and toilet paper dispensers, and don’t forget to replace your switch plate covers with something that coordinates, as well.
Mirrors: Take down the basic square mirror and add a framed mirror. If you have two sinks, put in two framed mirrors, creating his and her vanities.
Accessories: Make sure you purchase a brand new set of coordinating bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, tissue boxes, toothbrush holders, and a trash can. Go the extra mile and buy a brand new set of extra fluffy towels to give the room a cozier feel. Be sure to display extra hand towels or decorative towels on the towel bar above the toilet or rolled up in a basket next to the tub. Add more candles and/or potpourri to give your bathroom extra ambiance.
With just a little investment in paint, lighting, fixtures, mirrors, and accessories, you too can transform your bath into a mini spa and a haven away from the stresses in your life.

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