How to Upgrade Your Room With New Lighting

Upgrade your room with new lighting
One of the easiest, most stylish, practical, and overlooked ways to give your home or office a new look is through a lighting upgrade. Instead of embarking on a new paint job for your walls or building shelves, why not just treat your room to a new lamp? The lamp’s design, light bulb, and positioning will all result in a different effect, therefore, it’s up to you to pick and choose. Here are some guidelines that can help you decide:
1. Light Bulb / Light Source / Light Quality
The first thing that you should decide on is what kind of light bulb, source, or quality you would like for your room. What kind of hue would you like your bulb to give off? Would you want it to be subtle or very bright? Would you want a dimmer? Light bulbs with a high color temperature generally give off cooler bluish tone lights while those with a lower color temperature give off warmer, more red or yellow tone lights. Halogen bulbs usually give off very beautiful lights and are often used in many retail spaces. And fluorescent lights are very energy efficient and now come in many nice hues despite the old common misconception that they give off ugly white light. LED lights are becoming more popular and is currently the most energy efficient lighting solution available.
2. Lamp How To Manage Small Bedroom design
Now onto the fun part: picking the design of your lamp that is compatible with your bulb. The design of your lamp should fit in well with the design of your room / space.
If you have a contemporary style room then you might want to pick contemporary lighting. If you have a rustic style space then you may want to get a new rustic Small Bedroom Design Ideas lamp. Traditional lighting is always great for simple or conservative spaces. Those with patios or backyards may want to invest in Outdoor Lighting.
3. Placement and Positioning
Now that you have your lamp, where would you put it? This depends on what you would like to accomplish: Are you looking to provide accent, ambiance, dcor lighting, or something else? If you would like to accent a picture or painting, a nice picture light or display light positioned above the piece would usually work well. A decor table lamp used as an interest point would work well on the center of the table.
The ideas are endless and it’s up to you or the designer to choose. This simple guide can help you get started. Have fun decorating!

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