Indoor Water Fountains – A Brief Look at Tabletop, Wall Mounted and Floor Fountains

There is a new trend emerging in home d?�cor that breaks away from traditional styles. Water fountains have typically been used for garden or patio decorating but in the last 10 years they have become very popular as an alternative to traditional home d?�cor. You may have seen these indoor decorative water fountains in a doctor’s office, restaurants, furniture stores, or even a neighbor’s house. There are many different styles and sizes to match any design needs you have. This article will discuss the many different types of indoor fountains so that you will have a better idea of what is out there if it is something you are considering in your home d?�cor.
TABLETOP WATER Online Interior Design Services India FOUNTAINS
There fountains tend to be smaller as they are designed for a desktop or countertop. They typically have a quiet submersible pump and run power through an electrical outlet. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials. Because they are smaller than a floor fountain or wall fountain they typically do not produce as much running water sounds as the others. Many of these fountains do not come with any lighting due to their smaller sizes. These fountains work best for decorating a small table or office desktop and can help balance out the room with their beautiful design and the soothing sound of running water.
Wall fountains are truly a spectacle to see. Any restaurant or office I have ever been to I have seen people drawn to these fountains. They want to sit and look at them and even touch them. They come in many sizes and can easily mount on any wall with a bracketed support system. Typically they come in slate, marble or mirrored glass. With the slate you have the option of real natural slate or a lightweight option that looks just about the same. With the natural slate and marble brought to the US from the far east you get a myriad of brilliant natural colors in the stone that radiate when wet. These wall fountains with natural stone are more like works of art. They also use a quiet submersible pump and can be powered with an electrical outlet. They typically have their own lighting. The stone is framed with a bottom and top trim of copper, or stainless steel which contains the water. They can be customized with a logo or design etched into the stone for corporate use. These fountains are truly a wonder to behold and must be seen to truly appreciate their beauty.
These fountains are a lot larger than tabletop fountains and are typically placed on the floor and can be anywhere from 3 ft. and higher. These fountains typically come in glass, mirror, slate or acrylic finish. They also use a quiet submersible pump and have their own lighting which is powered through an electrical outlet. These fountains look great in entryways and usually have a more modern look to them.
Overall, any indoor water feature will be an excellent addition to any room. Running water is a great way to balance out the feng shui of your home or office. Sitting quietly while listening to the quiet soothing sounds of running water is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Not only are these fountains relaxing but they are all works of art and come in such variety that you can find a fountain for any design need you have whether it be a traditional look or a modern/contemporary look.

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