It’s Like New! – Small Retouches to Make OK Furniture Look Amazing

When furnishing your home, whether you are re-decorating, moving in to a new house, or need additions to your current house and home furniture, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on OK furniture that you can buy from second-hand stores or popular websites like Craigslist and eBay. There are some essential timeless pieces of furniture that will always look amazing with just small retouches and some effort put into cleaning it thoroughly. So from personal experience, don’t give up on used OK furniture because there are so many alternatives to retouching.

Some problems that we encounter when buying used furniture are chipped corners, old paint, bad smells, stains, and dirt. But these can be fixed so easily that you will impress yourself with your skills when you buy OK furniture and turn it into amazing pieces of d?�cor for your home.

The basics steps are:

Clean and wash thoroughly! You want all the yucky germs out from your nice and comfy home. Use antibacterial soaps to really get the grime and bacteria out of every inch.

If you are buying a piece of wood furniture, buy antibacterial wet towels and get it nice and clean. Make sure that it won’t damage the paint if you are not planning on retouching the paint. To make it shiny, you can use Pledge and paper towels. I love Pledge for wood furniture!

If you are buying something that is made of some derivation of plastic, wash with dishwashing soap and dry it thoroughly. I would even use Windex or 409 to clean it.

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If it’s furniture that has glass, get your ammonia out (i.e., Windex) and get it to reflect as if it is a mirror. Windex is a must in my home. I use Windex on almost everything to clean out grime.

If it’s a couch (I don’t recommend getting a used bed… But if you are comfortable with that, you can always get a mattress protector to keep any germs from touching your fresh linens) I would make sure all of the dust and pollen is out by hitting it hard. Also, use a damp small towel and antibacterial soap to wash it thoroughly on the surface and wash any items that you can unzip. Once that’s done, let it dry in the sunshine for a day or two and make sure it is well protected at night from mildew or if it rains so it doesn’t get damp.

To get any smells out of the furniture, you can use fabric softeners and rub them throughout the piece of furniture. If you cleaned it thoroughly as described in step 1, it should smell nice and clean, unless it’s a couch or a bed.

For chipped areas in wood furniture, you can go to your local hardware store and buy sandpaper to smooth it out and then paint it with your most favorite dark paint color. Since Queen Bedroom Sets For Small Rooms colors like black don’t show little details like uneven areas, you don’t have to worry about the chipped corner. I’ve also heard of wood glue but I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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For old paint, make it a fun project with your friends, significant other, or children and get painting! You can paint it in any way you want to add your touch to it. If you want it to have a vintage feel to it then use the sand paper after the paint is dried out which will make it look worn out. Also, if it’s metal, you can use a permanent marker and color some areas lightly, then dab acetone here and there, and voila, you have a vintage metal piece of furniture.

Lastly, if you just want to get your furniture now and don’t have time for retouching then visit your local home decorating stores Interior Design Ideas For Small Indian Homes and pick up whatever piece of furniture fits you the best. The key is keeping it simple and in harmony with your home.