Key Looks With Colour

Colour & Light
Light is the most important thing to consider when re-painting your home. Start with which way the room faces. North facing rooms will make colours look greener whilst southern facing rooms will make colours look yellower. For rooms that run east to west, the colour will change as the sun moves throughout the day – this change should be embraced as this makes rooms come alive. This is why it is important to always try samples on the wall itself first.
What about colour Roofing Material Checklist and mood?
Whatever colour you choose it needs to suit you – it must make you feel comfortable and needs to give the look you want. Formal looks go well with greys and ash browns whilst a more relaxed atmosphere veers towards redder and yellower tones.
If you live in a historical house don’t try to emulate the colours of the time – what feels right for the 17th,18th or 19th century might not feel right for you or the 21st century! Things change and it’s good to update yourself and your home even if you live in an older property. Natural light is one thing – artificial light from down lighters, up lighters or table lamps is another.
Paint your test sample onto a piece of card and try it next to each light source you have in the room. Down lighters tend to wash out colours so go for darker colour ways. Softer lighting such as candles will make everything velvety and soft contoured so choose rich colours in your room scheme. Central lights must be augmented with table lamps and down or up lighters – otherwise it looks like a factory and very stark!
Key Looks with Colour
White – just simply simple… From urban chic to rustic simplicity, white is infinitely versatile. Pure white – its simplest form, is blinding in bright sun but can also take on a variety of hues at different times of the day in less glaring exposures. Adding shades of other colours to the New Home Landscaping white canvas can subtly change its personality. White’s capacity to reflect light is an important factor in our northern light and in doing so makes rooms appear larger and walls recede away from us. Off-white to apple-white to a multitude of shades of white, the paint pallet is vast!

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