Live Like a Fashionista

As a woman of style like you; your home is a huge part in being a fashionista. If you are like me, your apartment is extremely small. Take good care of your apartment, paint when it needs to be done, clean up after yourself, all apartments are not the same. Set up a simple routine that you follow everyday; if you have to vacuum everyday to keep your carpets looking clean then that is what you need to do, dust, make Garage Door Styles sure to clear away the clutter that builds up on a day to day basis. Pick up your child’s toys and put them away. Treat your home as if it were a living model home; make your bed everyday, clean your bathroom everyday, a simple wipe down and wipe down your mirror and organize your toiletries, hang your towels as if you were in a plush hotel suite. Do the dishes, and to top it off, cook for you and your family.
Don’t know how to cook? There are about a thousands books on cooking, pick one that your interested in and follow it. Beginners should start simple with easy meals. Search out items for your home that really make it a home. Your home should be a reflection of you and your style. Paint and arrange furniture to your liking. Decorate on your own, it’s not that hard there are so many home stores like Homegoods and Pier 1 imports; these stores speak to you and you can find what you want simply and affordably. Apartments can be simple with a touch of your style yet can still be universal in its design to make people feel like they have walked into a home and not am annex for a certain store. Spread out when looking for any kind of home d?�cor to keep from looking like an advertisement for the store you chose your favorite items to come from. Another tip is to not lose yourself to the design, make room for your essentials, like your books and DVD’s on a shelf close to your entertainment center. Organization is a big part of staging your home. Make a habit of cleaning your home every day.
In a small apartment storage is limited. I solved that problem by placing shelving units on my walls to store things I use everyday, it’s not a new concept but it may be something How To Start Your Own Garden you haven’t thought of to utilize the limited space you have in your home. From your living room to the kids room organization is key, utilizing the space is a necessity.
By following these simple guidelines and tips you will be able to coordinate the home you want to live in and the home your family can enjoy and grow in. Guests will come in and know that a fashionista lives here and that is your ultimate goal.

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