Make Your Home Stand Out on the Real Estate Market

Did you know a buyer walking into a home decides if he/she is interested in that home within the first 8 seconds of entering that house? It is essential to remove the emotional attachment for your home and stand Bird Garden Stick at the front door. What is going to be the first thing a buyer sees when entering the house? A cluttered entryway or foyer is not a good welcome to a buyer. In fact, it will almost immediately kill the sale.
Now take a look at your main living areas. Too much furniture or furniture that is too large for a room is distracting to buyers. They need to be able to move around and get a feel for the flow of the house. Home staging has become a household word in today’s real estate market. The “less is more” rule is essential when putting your home on the market. Paring down the furniture and accessories and letting the house sell itself is key. If you have to rent a storage area while your house is on the market, it will be money well spent.
When thinking about accessories, you have to take a look at the personal items displayed in your house. Again, you have to remove yourself from emotional attachment and remember you want buyers to look at the house, not those adorable children of yours. De-personalizing your house is one of the Apartment Balcony Furniture most important steps you can take to get your house ready to put on the market. A good way to get motivated to pare down your personal items is to think of it as getting a jump start on your packing. You are getting your house ready for a quick sale, so you’re going to be moving soon anyway.
As long as you are packing, don’t forget to go through all those closets and cabinets in your house. Buyers will open closet doors and look inside the kitchen cabinets. Storage is one of the most important features buyers are looking for in a house. Making your storage areas show as large as possible is absolutely essential. Remember, de-cluttering is key. Again, you are moving soon anyway, so get a head start on that packing. Remove at least half of everything you have in your closets and arrange what is remaining in an organized manner. It may seem like overkill, but arranging your clothing according to color and using matching hangers will make your closet appear much larger.
While you are de-personalizing, don’t forget those furry or feathered friends who may occupy the house with you. Of course you love your pets, but you have to remember not everyone does. It is of utmost importance to eliminate any signs of animals in the house. Many people are turned off by pet hair, pet food, litter boxes and anything that makes it appear there are animals living there. Remember, many people have allergies to certain animals and if they can’t be in the house because they are sneezing or their eyes are watering too much, they aren’t going to be writing an offer.

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