Making a Guest Feel Welcome in Your Guest Room

If you have ever stayed overnight with relatives or friends, then you know how challenging it can be to get “settled” in the guest room. If you have guests staying over, you no doubt want to make your guests feel as welcome as possible in your guest room. You also want them to be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep. Showing your guests your unparalleled hospitality isn’t that difficult. A good way to make a guest feel welcome is to prepare for the guest’s arrival from their perspective by asking yourself what would make you feel more at home.
Cleaning the Room
It is important that you clean the guest room thoroughly before the guest arrives. When not in use, the guest bedroom in many homes becomes a “catch all” room, so be sure to get rid of any clutter before the guest arrives. Otherwise, the guest may feel like they are sleeping in a storage closet. Weather permitting, open the windows and let some fresh air into the room. Dust the room completely, vacuum, and sweep down any dust tags from the corners.
The Bed
Although no guest expects that your guest room mattresses will rival those of the Ritz Carlton, they do expect that the mattresses they sleep on will provide them with a comfortable night’s sleep. As a rule of thumb, don’t use mattresses in the guest room that you wouldn’t sleep on yourself; in other words, if you just bought a new mattress and stuck your old, worn mattress in the guest room, your guest may be offended at the gesture. Decent mattresses for the guest room are a must. You should also avoid sticking a sofa bed in the guest room and opt instead for a full size bed. Be sure that there is a night stand or side table by the bed that is equipped with a lamp.
Bedding Backyard Ideas On A Budget Patios
The linens on your guest bed should be freshly changed before the guest arrives. If you haven’t touched the bed since last Christmas, now’s the time to put freshly laundered sheets, pillow cases, blankets, quilts, comforters, or other bedding on the bed. The pillows on the bed should be pillows that you wouldn’t mind sleeping with, either. And be sure to go for four pillows for a standard bed; most folks sleep with more than one pillow, so two pillows per guest is essential. In addition to the bedding on the bed, stock the guest room with a couple of extra blankets, just in case they like their bed a bit warmer.
If the guest room has ample space, include a comfortable chair and ottoman or a recliner and side table for the guest to use for relaxation. Chances are that you won’t be entertaining the guest for their entire stay, and this gives them a private getaway spot to read a book or work a crossword puzzle.
Many guest bedrooms have bathrooms, but this is not always the case. If you don’t have a guest bathroom, designate one of your bathrooms as the guest bathroom during their stay. This How To Keep An Immaculate Home will give the guest a chance to unpack their toiletries. Stock the guest bathroom with fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, extra toilet tissue, and other essentials.

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