Manufactured Mobile Home – Making Yours Last a Lifetime!

How long your Manufactured Mobile Home lasts is mostly up to you. The secret is found in two words: Water and Foundation.
There are many things you can do to care for your home, but the killers most often are related to water House Plan Drawing exposure or foundations issues. Manage these and your manufactured/mobile home can last a life time.
Managing water exposure is more complicated then you might think. Potential water related issues are in all parts of your home, both inside and out. Swamp coolers, AC, plumbing (inside and under your home), as well as external sources from rain and watering can damage and destroy your home.
What can be done about it? First and foremost you need to keep a careful watch on all parts of your home: roof, walls, flooring, cabinets, sinks, tubs/showers, and under your home. A simple but thorough inspection can detect water. Remember, even constant water evaporation from a leaky pipe or water running under the home from improper drainage will rot all the wood in its vicinity. Key; make sure you prevent water from reaching any where it doesn’t belong. Where you can’t prevent exposure to water, such as the exterior, insure all walls, window, doors, skirting/wall interfaces are caulked and painted properly.
The second key to the longevity of your home is insuring a proper foundation. Specifically the ground must be properly compacted and leveled, your home tied-down, and the ground graded to insure proper drainage. No water under the home is key to keeping a solid foundation.
In addition to the key elements discussed there are additional opportunities to preserve your home and its components.
Proper maintenance of a rubberized roof is critical. Applying a layer of protection materials every 2-3 years and completing any necessary repairs will preserve the roof coatings and help prevent leaks. Minor roof issues become major if not taken care of promptly. Maintaining the swamp cooler, the perennial roof damage creator, is critical every year. This includes winterizing and general preventive maintenance on the pads and water lines. Keeping the unit level to prevent leakage is a must.
A major area of concern is the interface between any wood based siding and the skirting top plate. It is important to keep this seal/joint caulked to prevent dry rot.
A good rule of thumb is to do an annual inspection yourself and have a professional inspect your home and report on any issues every 2-4 years. This precaution will inevitably pay for itself many times over. This inspection should cover all aspects of the home including the foundation, plumbing, electrical, roof, walls, and floors with a special emphasis on the highly invisible space between the home and the ground. Take advantage of this time and also do your home safety inspection.
Simple things like insuring insulation around pipes and under the floors can prevent expensive and untimely repairs and save big dollars in utility bills.
Just as important is to deal with issues, particularly involving water and the foundation quickly. If you couple this with a regular inspection and preventative maintenance program you will add years if not decades to the life of your home.
As a backup always have proper quality insurance coverage on your home. Manufactured – Mobile Home insurance generally What Soil To Buy For Garden will not cover were and tear of your home but is your back up plan if anything catastrophic happens.
Making your house last a lifetime is up to you and involves some simple inspection and maintenance steps. Only you can make your Manufactured Mobile Home last your lifetime.

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