Medieval Decor For Your Home

Home decor is a personal expression of what pleases you. The colors and styles that are out there for you to choose from today are unlimited. There are several themes including eras that you can choose from in home decor. One of which is the medieval era. This era can inspire you to decorate your home with a variety of objects that was used during the time. Choosing medieval decor doesn’t limit you to the bedroom or living room; you can add this look to any room in the home and make it look great.
During the medieval time period, there was a combination of the Roman taste as well as the German taste. However, the most prominent of taste was the Gothic. Religious symbols were part of the decor. There was also the use of decorative objects for decorations during this time. Today you can buy replicas of these famous pieces at online stores so you can capture the medieval decor in your home.
Using this decor may inspire you to take up a new hobby, collecting antiques. You may find several pieces of medieval decor in antique shops both in your area and online. These collections are not easy to obtain but you may just stumble on something that dates back to this time. Antique shops may be able to help you piece together your new home decor. They usually have connections all over the world and can find a piece with a few phone calls.
You will need to use darker kitchen panels in the room. Choose a navy blue or burgundy color. You can make these or you can purchase them online. You will need to measure your window before searching for curtains.
Doorknockers are also an important part of medieval decor. This era had the most stylish doorknockers and now you can add them to your doors. Place them on closet doors as well as entrance doors.
Lamp tables may contain a statue of a knight. You can place one on each end of the sofa. You can also choose any other items that were once used during this time in order to place on your tables or shelves for decor.
Down the hallway, you could add the old-fashioned replica lights that flicker like candles that once hung on the walls in homes everywhere. These replica’s work just as they did back then except now they are controlled by a switch.
The floors should be dark wood and covered with a light area rug. You can choose brown rugs or Water Saving Landscaping Ideas simple cotton rugs with dark colors to highlight the floor or a certain point in your decor.
In order to have the medieval look in your home, you do not need a dark dungeon feel to your home decor. You can have a very light Architectural Styles Poster airy feeling or a comfortable feel to your room with the simple medieval decor scattered in various places around the room.
You can add as much lighting as you want to with this decor.

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