More Unique Home Decor Gift Ideas to Buy With Your Christmas Money

Gifts of money may have been replaced with gifts of gift cards. By their nature most gifts cards limit you to buying from a single company. Visa, MasterCard and American Express provide greater flexibility.
If you receive money sometimes there is a tendency to just put it in your wallet or purse and use it for spending money Free Garden Landscape Quote or deposit it in the bank to pay bills. However, whoever gave it to you most likely wanted you to buy a gift with it.
If you received money or a Visa/MasterCard/American Express gift card get yourself something that is unique and long lasting. Sure there may be electronics, beauty items or clothes that you want, but these all fade away at some point.
Home decor items are great. They are not necessarily functional, but they visibly enhance your surroundings. A unique clock is a perfect example. Undoubtedly you have a clock or two wherever you live, but do you have one that stands out? Do you look at them as being a piece of art or just an object that tells time like the clock on a microwave? If the latter then think about a clock that is a replica of an old antique Victorian clock complete with a swaying pendulum. If your tastes run to the mysterious take a look at a clock with gothic design. One with a dragon that wraps its long tail around the clock face is sure to do the trick. For the more conventional, you can get one where the clock is balanced on a statue of Atlas as if it was the world.
Something as seemingly as ordinary as a set of bookends takes on a more artistic statement when they are hand cast in bronze molds. They can be found in every shape imaginable from animals (lions, eagles, birds, dogs and on and on) to pirates, clown Self Garden Design and trains and even specialized ones for doctors and lawyers. Most everyone has some books lying around and what better way to present them than between a set of intricately detailed bookends. These types of bookends are far from the mundane.
For more delicate fare there are beautiful fairly statues. Some are made of stained glass and others of hand painted brass or resin. They have no use other than to be admired as you walk through your house. These are the types of things that you will stop and look at just because their artistry makes them hard to pass by without stopping for a moment.
Many of us have a wall with blank space that is just begging to be adorned. There are many types of unique wall decor. A popular one is panels of stained glass that are hung just like pictures. They come in many shapes – circles, squares, rectangles and arches). They can be of a random decorative design or they can show in intricate detailed colors things like dragonflies, peacocks and even historic coats of arms. Stained glass panels make perfect wall art.

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